Why is styling my home for sale important?

5 Benefits of Styling your home for sale

We asked our friend Karen Roberts from Alba Lane interiors what she considers to be the benefits of styling your home for sale. Here are her top 5 tips:

  1. Selling time and selling price

Research confirms that styled properties sell faster and achieve better prices. How?

A professionally presented property will:

  • Leave less negative impressions for a buyer to negotiate on price
  • Have better marketing images which will bring more interested parties to home opens. This in turn should lead to more offers.
  • Creating a fresh, appealing look in your property will mean your agent can market your property to a wider audience
  • The more desirable your property appears, the better your sale price is likely to be.
  1. Strong marketing images

Most buyers will use the internet to determine which properties to inspect.  It is therefore essential that the marketing photos have impact and make the property stand out from the crowd.

  1. Objectivity

Our experienced stylists will not have the same emotional attachment to the property and its contents as you do. They are therefore able to dress rooms using a combination of your own items and hired ones to give a room a look that will be both warm and inviting but professionally presented.

Buyers need to imagine themselves in the property – family photos, holiday souvenirs and personal taste and style can all hinder this process.

Functional and practical does not necessarily mean aesthetically well presented.  Alba lane stylists will also view the room in terms of photography and producing marketing images.  Visual imagery is the most important marketing tool so it is essential that is taken into account when dressing and installing furniture into the space.

  1. Design expertise

Placement of furniture and accessories can make or break a room. The size, look and feel of a space is created by the way all the items in the room are positioned. Proportion, balance, accessibility and layout are all elements our stylists will be able to identify and implement.

Quite often the hardest part of styling a home is the last 10%, the accessories and soft furnishings that create the ‘look’ in a property.  They can inject the colour and personality which is an important aspect of a well presented, engaging property and imperative for excellent marketing images.

Our professional styling aims to broaden the properties appeal to as wide an audience as possible. We also like to work closely with the selling agent to identify who the buyers are and then style the property to ensure it resonates with the target market.

  1. Emotional connection

Both buying and selling a property can be an emotional experience. By viewing the property from a buyer’s perspective we will be able to identify which personal items/furniture can be removed.  Our clients seem to find this process initially daunting but ultimately incredibly rewarding.  The process of going through belongings, de-cluttering and packing can start immediately.  This not only works on a practical level – at moving time a lot of the hard work is already done, but it allows sellers to emotionally detach from the property and ready themselves for the next chapter in their lives.  The property stops being viewed as a home and becomes a valuable commodity allowing the vendors to make clearer business decisions going forward.



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